Emilia-Romagna? Is a vision

24 August 2016

Tenders, financing, legislation, locations, and also news, publications, engagements, interviews, in depths on festivals, visits on the sets. The Emilia-Romagna Region presents a new way of making our region’s cinema known, rolling out an internet site with plenty of opportunities and suggestions for the sector’s operators and the growing audiences of expert and fans who are ever more interested in the seventh art.

The film and audio-visual sector is not just a cultural asset, but also an important sector of Emilia-Romagna’s productivity. The supply chain in the region (which includes various segments: production and post-production, film distribution, video and television programs, theaters’  restoration and preservation) includes about 800 local businesses and 3,800 workers. In consideration of the importance of this wealth of knowledge and skills, the website offers also a Production Guide available to the sector’s operators via a free subscription, as a tool to widen their business opportunities.

2015 saw the full implementation of the Regional Law 20/2014, which reforms the films and audio-visual sector through the creation of a Fund supporting production activities. This law gained a large consensus and was unanimously approved across all political groups. It was created with the cooperation of local operators and craftsmen, as well as active collaboration and specific actions on the part of the region’s Council for Business Activities, Professional Training and Tourism.

This generated the need to promote and put in place a network system to enhance films and audio-visual productions not only as a form of cultural and creative expression, but also as an entrepreneurial activity, related to the specifics of our land, to promote regional art and craftsmanship, the many activities and special features. The Emilia-Romagna Film Commission manages the Fund and, with free consulting services to players in the television, films, advertisement and multi media sector, has taken on the mission to encourage, promote and support national and foreign productions, to enhance the artistic, cultural and environmental heritage of the region.