The Catholic Cinema Exhibitors Association represents, promotes and protects the cinemas of church properties
AGIS Emilia Romagna acts for entrepreneurs in the fields of entertainment, including cinema
Established in 1947, the regional section of ANEC represents the interests of member companies, promoting their activities and developing joint projects and initiatives.
Founded in 1987, documents and promotes film culture, in particular Rimini’s culture.
D.ER is an association of documentary filmmakers who works organizing screenings throughout the region in collaboration with the Department of Culture of the Emilia-Romagna Region, creating activities to reinforce the links and synergies among public, authors and producers
FICE (Italian Federation of Cinema d’Essai) is the association that brings together the cinema d’essai, or the cinema that program quality films and realizing cultural initiatives (exhibitions, meetings with authors, etc.), recognized for their activities by law 153/1994.
The Cineteca's archives hold, moves and manage today a wealth of almost 70,000 films.
Created in 2014, among the Foundation’s objectives there are the promotion, preservation and restoration of the works of Carlo Rambaldi, special effects master and support to the young generation.
Mediateca’s heritage includes books, magazines, audio-visual works in DVD and video tapes.