Tender supporting production of films and audio-visual works made by national and international firms – year 2016

Criteria for the applications, the award of the grants and the creation of the projects (approved with resolution of the regional Council no. 204 of 22 February 2016)


The Emilia-Romagna Region identifies the motion picture and audio-visual sector as strategic elements for the development of the economy, culture and tourism in the area, capable of generating internal economic benefits, stimulate employment growth and enhance the area in terms of tourism flows. Hence, with the allocation of the audio-visual Fund envisioned by art. 10 of the Regional Law 23 July 2014, no.20, expresses the intention to support the production of films and audio-visual works made in Emilia Romagna, that can favour the growth of the entire production supply chain and the professionalism of its various players. This tender governs the awarding of grants supporting the production of films and audio-visual works made by national and international firms in the region, as implementation of the regional Programm on the subject of films and audio-visual works for the three-years period 2015-17, approved with resolution no.14/2015.. The grant allowances from this tender are awarded in the form of aids for the production of audio-visual works, according to the EU Regulation no. 651/2014, art. 54.


Italian, European or outside EU firms that operate in the films, audio-visual or television industry can submit the projects and consequently be eligible for regional funding, if they are: a) sole producers, co-producer with a majority share of the project presented or, in case of co-productions with shares of equal value, designated as delegate producer by the partner(s); b) have signed a contract, a deal memo or a draft agreement as executive producer with the project’s producer. In case of draft agreement or deal memo it is necessary the contract to send to the Region, within 40 days from the date of the application, under penalty of loosing the financing of a project that had been positively evaluated.